What is the Millebytes Club?

The Millebytes Club is the meeting point for consumers taking part in market researches via the Internet proposed by Inter@ctive Market Research.

What does Interactive Market Research do?

IMR - Inte@ctive Market Research is a research institute specialized in the development of "ad hoc" solutions to better support the knowledge needs and the managerial choices of its customers. For more information on the activities of the Company, please visit the official website www.interact-mr.com

How do I subscribe to the Club?

Simply click on Join on the bottom bar of each page of the website.

Is registration free?

Yes, it is.

How do I access my data?

To access the data in your profile, simply enter the Members' Area of the Club.

What if I forget the password and/or e-mail I used during the registration?

You can get back your login information by clicking on the link "I forgot my password" which is located in the login page to the Members' Area, or by sending an e-mail to millebytes@interactive-mr.com

I want to change my password. What should I do?

To change the password, first access your private member area. Once you display the data, click the link "Edit Email/Password".

What if I change my e-mail?

You can change your e-mail by directly accessing the data of your profile or by sending a request via e-mail to millebytes@interactive-mr.com

I subscribed but have not received the confirmation email. What is the problem?

If within 24 hours from the date of the subscription you do not receive the confirmation email with your login information, this is probably due to an incorrect typing of an e-mail address. Check that the address you typed is correct and that your mailbox is not full. If you are sure your address works regularly, please report us the problem and send an e-mail to millebytes@interactive-mr.com

Why cannot I enter the Members' Area? I am sure I enter the correct login information.

The problem may be due to a cancellation from the Club. Probably you accidentally clicked the customized link present at the bottom of the e-mail you receive, or our system does not recognize your email address because you could have clicked the link that allows you to change your e-mail address. In any case, if you kept at least one of the emails you received from the Club (for example the invitation e-mail to the last search you attended) please forward it to the e-mail address millebytes@interactive-mr.com . If you have no e-mail, send us some of your personal data such as your date of birth and/or your province of residence and we will conduct the survey in a different way.

How will my personal data be used?

Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed thanks to the IMR privacy policy. Any information will be kept strictly confidential, will be used anonymously for statistical purposes only and will NEVER be disclosed to anyone.

Will my personal data be used for promotions or advertising?

No. Your personal data will be used for statistical purposes only, to ensure the correct selection of the research participants. You will never receive any type of advertising or promoting commercial by the Millebytes Club.

Will my personal data be sold to other companies?

No. Your personal data will never be sold to third parties and they will be used only to guarantee the participation in the researches that could attract you most.

I accidentally cancelled my subscription to the Club. How do I restore the subscription and the score I had?

Once the subscription is cancelled, we cannot restore your data any more because they have been deleted from our database. In any case, you can restore your score. If you have mistakenly cancelled your subscription to the Club, please send an email to millebytes@interactive-mr.com and use the same e-mail address you used during the subscription. Our technical staff will try and restore your score and the information necessary to completely restore your membership.

How do I unsubscribe from the Club?

You can unsubscribe automatically by clicking on the link at the bottom of each e-mail you receive. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe at any time by sending a request via e-mail to millebytes@interactive-mr.com

How do I take part in your research studies?

Participation is by invitation only. You will receive an invitation email with a link that allows you to start the interview.

Do I need any particular application to display the questionnaires?

Usually, the access to the questionnaires does not require any specific application, but only an Internet browser. For some particular types of research studies, you may need a Java plugin (Java Virtual Machine) which has previously been configured for your operating system and the browser used.

Where can I download the right Java plugin for my PC?

In many operating systems the Java plugin is already installed. If not so, you can install it directly from the company's website at www.java.com. The installation process is automatic and should be able to install the plugin that matches your operating system and the browser you use to access the Internet.

I click the link to start the questionnaire, but nothing happens

Check that your email reader is configured for the HTML format. If not so, instead of clicking the link, try to copy and paste it directly into your Internet browser's address bar.

I click the startup link, the message says I am not qualified to participate

Some Web-based email readers change the links in the e-mail, for example they divide them over several lines. In this case, do not click the link but copy and paste it directly into your Internet browser's address bar. If the problem persists, please report us at millebytes@interactive-mr.com.

I try to start the interview, but I get an error message

Ask your network administrator if a firewall has been installed or if your firewall allows HTTP connections to the domain interactive-mr.com.

When I take part at home I have no problems, when I do at my office I see an error. Why?

Probably you have a "firewall" that prevents the connection to our research studies. The problem can be solved only by your network administrator. He is the only person who can change the configuration of the firewall and allow the regular HTTP connections to the domain interactive-mr.com.

I have not received questionnaires by the Club for a long time. What is the reason for this delay?

Usually, every research is directed at a specific category of consumers: for example, a research on cleaners is directed primarily at housewives. That is why you do not receive questionnaires, but generally these periods of "inactivity" do not exceed one month.