Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Market researches and opinion polls are based on trust; the trust that the researches are carried out honestly, objectively, without causing a nuisance or a prejudice to the respondents and that are based on the cooperation of the public. Moreover, personal and/or confidential data provided during a survey must not be disclosed to third parties without the respondent's consent, and they must be only in aggregate forms so that they cannot be traced back to individual respondents and reconnected with their statements. (Assirm's Statute - Italian Association of market research institutions)

Data Protection Policy

IMR - Inter@ctive Market Research has developed and adopted this privacy policy to protect the trust of members of the online panel. All data collected in each research study are considered to be strictly confidential and subject to the national legislation (Law 675/96) and Assirm's Statute. In particular, IMR guarantees that:

The database containing the information gathered by each member of the IMR online panel is protected by all the security measures available to prevent loss, accidental use, damaging or alteration of the data stored in it.

Any personal data will NEVER be sold or disclosed to third companies or individuals. Any address or mailing address will NEVER be disclosed to customers, in order to make impossible any contact with the members of the IMR online panel. No one will EVER sell any product or service to the IMR online panel members. The contribution required to answer the proposed questionnaires will ALWAYS and ONLY be represented by the respondent's opinions.

Data processing
The data gathered through the research studies will NEVER be associated with the respondent's name, with the exception of the short time necessary to process the information. The data collected will ALWAYS be aggregated in order to make impossible any connection to the individual respondents and their statements.

IMR Identifiability
IMR NEVER sends its own commercial advertising (or third companies') to the subscribers of the online panel. Alerts for new research studies or communications on IMR Millebytes Club are easily identifiable and have the following subject: IMR online panel.

Maurizio Pucci
Inter@ctive Market Research