Art.1 – Definitions and Terms

1.1 This is the Agreement between You and Millebytes. "Millebytes" is a reward system created by IMR for Millebytes Club members ("Club").

1.2 The provider of the system is Interactive Market Research – S.r.l. (from now on referred to as “Interactive”), , registered office in Via Scarlatti, 150-80127 Naples, Italy (VAT IT07540430639)

1.3 The reward system is extended to the whole Country and lasts one year. The validity period is from 01/03/2015 to 14/02/2016 and will be automatically renewed each year, unless new statements are made by the provider.

1.4 The Club membership is subject to this Agreement and is reserved for the Club members. The Club membership procedure is described in Art. 2 of this Agreement.

1.5 The provider reserves the right to modify the membership procedure at any time (even partially). Club members will be promptly notified of any changes and in any case they will keep the rights already acquired.

Art.2 – Conditions of Membership

2.1 You need to be at least 18 years old to join the club.

2.2 To register, it is necessary to join the Club Millebytes-IMR. The Club membership is free and its procedure is available on the website of the provider Once completed the registration process, and after the verification of data provided by IMR, each new Club member receives a confirmation email which includes an access link and a short questionnaire. The completion of this questionnaire is considered to be an integral part of the registration process.

2.3 Upon registration, each member enters an e-mail address and a password which can be used to access, change their data and check their Millebytes account.

2.4 The member guarantees, and is solely responsible for, the accuracy of all information provided.

2.5 Upon registration to the Club, the members authorize the provider to process personal data under the D.Lgs. n.196/2003. These data will be used only to optimize the segmentation of their market research and to interpret the results.

2.6 The provider reserves the right to cancel the registration of a member who breaks one or more clauses/conditions contained in this Agreement.

Art.3 – Award of Prizes

3.1 Every subscriber has a reserved page named "Path", which represents the current user account in graphical form. The Path can be accessed at any moment from the reserved area, and is always up to date.

3.2 Each time user completes an Internet survey, the system brings them to the next position into the Path.

3.3 Along the path several "Award Points" are located: when user reaches an award point they can claim the corresponding prize. The prize request is done via a function which is available in user's private area.

3.4 The claimed prize is delivered within 60 days from the request. It is under the user's responsibility to promply notify Interactive of any delay in receiving the prize.

3.5 The nature of the prizes and the corresponding number is reported into the following table.

Table I: description of prizes
Prize Description Approximate Quantity Approximate Unit Value
2 Euro Amazon Gift Certificate 1.200 2,00€
5 Euro Amazon Gift Certificate 800 5,00€
9 Euro Amazon Gift Certificate 300 9,00€
15 Euro Amazon Gift Certificate 200 15,00€

3.6 The approximate total value of the prizes is equal to €12.100,00 and constitues the competition jackpot.

3.7 If for any reason, a prize is found to be not available on time for Interactive to fulfill clause 3.4, we reserve the right of replacing the prize with another one of equal or superior value.

Art.4 – Cancellation of subscription

4.1 Each e-mail sent to the members contains a personalized link which allows cancelling the subscription. By clicking on this link the member automatically erases all data from the database of the provider. At any time, user has the right to cancel their subscription to the Club by sending a special e-mail to

Art.5 – Other

5.1 La società promotrice dichiara di non voler esercitare il diritto di rivalsa concernente la ritenuta ai fini dell’imposta sui redditi di cui all’art.30, primo e secondo comma, del D.P.R. 29 Settembre 1973, n. 600.

5.2 The provider guarantees that advertisements regarding competitions will conform to what is contained in this Agreement.

5.3 The provider informs that the Club Millebytes web site ( has been updated on February 2, 2015 so as to fully match the informations reported into this regulation. In addition, all informations related to any previous competion have been removed from the site.